More notes to the anxiety-prone

11 September 2014 009


When an infant cries, most people instinctively want to rock it. Even though you may think of rocking as being good only for little babies, it also has a powerful calming effect on adults. When you feel shaken up by worry, rocking yourself can soothe you, allowing the worry to drift away …

Engaging in a repetitive activity has a lulling, sometimes even a numbing effect …

Rocking can take many forms, but basically it is any repetitive back-and-forth motion. Rocking in a favorite rocking chair is a common self-rocking technique. Another enjoyable way to rock yourself is swaying back and forth to music that has a quick, even beat. Or you can do a simple exercise such as jumping jacks, stepping up and down on a stair, or jogging. If you are more sedentary, knitting or crocheting might be a good choice. These ‘meditations-in-motion’ soothe anxiety while lulling your mind into letting go of the worry. The worry will sneak back in, especially at first. When it does, disregard it and bring your attention back to the rocking.

All quotes above from
The Worrywart’s Companion
by Dr Beverly Potter


I pace. Play cards. Sing. Go for a walk. Do push-ups.

A lonely business, perhaps …

But these things help.

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