4 thoughts on “Remember the irises?

  1. Hmmm, it could be any number of things. Is the root rotted? There are iris root borers, but they mainly go after German bearded iris and not so much Siberian iris, which these appear to be.
    Was there consistent water? Too much or too little is stressful.
    Your photo looks like they are in shade. They need full sun and lightly acidic soil (mulch with pine needles to adjust pH & keep down weeds that compete with the roots for water and nutrients).
    Were any herbicides or chemicals sprayed nearby? Is that brown grass in the photo around the iris leaves?

    1. Hi Eliza, thanks so much for your answer. We don’t have any chemicals in our garden, and the irises have flowered every year since I planted them except for this year. We had a very wet early autumn and then an unseasonably dry winter, so I reckon it might have been that that was the cause. I was so disappointed — I grow them and then pick them and take them over to my mother each year, so she didn’t get any this year! Thanks again, Rebecca.

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