Somewhere to sit

Just down the road from our house south of Adelaide,
in the scrub,
is my favourite place to sit and ponder:

19 November 2014 054

My friend Anne has a bit of a ‘thing’ (should I say ‘penchant’, since she is French?) for taking photos of benches in lovely spots. Check out all her posts labelled ‘The Bench Series‘.

2 thoughts on “Somewhere to sit

  1. I wasn’t able to click through the link for ‘The Bench Series’ – do you have the full address?
    I love the idea of collecting bench photos. I have several sitting spots on my property and they all involve water views (and in ear shot). So soothing.

    1. Hi Eliza, I tried to get an URL for the actual post on my friend’s blog and it didn’t work. But if you go to, that will take you to my friend Anne’s blog, and then if you type in ‘bench series’ into her search button, it will take you to her post. She has only done one for the series so far, but she has taken photos of benches all over the world, so there will be more to come.

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