Why do I blog?

Other people’s words about … blogging

The online world grows noisier every day (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc … )
So why participate?
Me, I’m with Jane Brocket on this:

My blog is my studio, my ideas factory, my photo album, my diary. It’s become a discipline, which I would miss, and it’s definitely a therapy, which I need. It makes me refine my thoughts, choose my words, cut out the crap, and discover what it is I really want to say. It forces me to look closely at the world though a camera lens, think positively, consider the ups rather than the downs of life and, like the phrase or not, count my blessings. It’s a place to bring together all the disparate interests I have, a place where I can be as eclectic as I like — because I am the writer, the editor, the picture desk, the spellchecker, and I can publish what I want, when I want. This is why I am still blogging at the end of 2014.

Jane Brocket
Yarnstorm Press


I have mentioned Jane’s blog elsewhere here. Here’s a direct link to the post I’m quoting from above.

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