An ending and a beginning

Around Anzac Day here in South Australia, the daily temperature dips, the skies cloud over and the days shorten.

Autumn! It’s arrived.

Australian native trees are mostly evergreens, so any show of red or golden leaves comes from exotic trees. Autumn can seem a little … subdued. Gloomy. Like a dying away.

But not quite. A couple of weeks ago, in my garden, I noticed this:


There will be flowers again soon.

4 thoughts on “An ending and a beginning

    1. Adelaide winters are very grey and rainy, Eliza. We have very few sunny days, although by August the sun tends to come out a bit. If we are having a good year for rain (which we need desperately, the rest of the year being so dry), July is usually the month it will rain the most. It’s also the coldest month. A cold day would be 12 degrees Celsius, but mostly the temperature hovers around 14 – 16 degrees for a couple of months. Because I live by the coast, we rarely get frosts and the night-time temperature rarely drops below 2 degrees Celsius (and that’s a REALLY cold night!). Though it’s nice to live with such moderate temperatures, sometimes I long for the cold, crisp contrast of a snowy winter …

      1. Thanks, Rebecca. It sounds like our Pacific Northwest winters, cool and rainy. In summer, they get maybe two months sunny weather. It rains 300+ inches a year in some places. Too much gray for me! 😉

      2. Luckily we do get lots and lots of sunshine throughout Spring and Summer. I am not a fan of grey either!

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