Surprised by the sun

El Niño

There has been much talk of another El Niño occurring here in 2015.

What that means for South Australians is a hotter, drier summer season,
with the attendant drought and bushfire risks.

This winter, all the flowering plants (native and non-native)
seem to be flowering early.

It’s pretty, if a little unsettling.

I wonder:
Can plants sense this kind of thing before it happens?

One thought on “Surprised by the sun

  1. Wow, you do have an early spring! My daffs bloomed only two months ago and you are supposedly opposite us! I do think plants respond to the earthly cycles with a kind of knowing that we can only guess at. Farmers used to watch the environment, both plant, animal and sky, for signals that we are losing knowledge of because we have technology to tell us instead.

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