Imagining the sea

Though I live by the beach —
walking there in winter, swimming in summer —
I have never enjoyed travelling by sea.
I loathe getting sea-sick.

Our house north of Adelaide is close to a marina.

Sometimes I like to wander near the shore,
looking at the masts,
listening to the water bobbing against the rocks.

I picture another life — a seafarer’s life.

I never stay long, though.
It’s enough just to imagine.

2 thoughts on “Imagining the sea

  1. I used to fantasize about living on a boat when I was younger, but the last I was on a boat (about 15 years ago), I got sick, so I haven’t dared go out again. Staying on shore is good enough for me!

    1. I’m the same. I used to read the Arthur Ransome books as a child (‘Swallows and Amazons’, for example) and think how romantic the boating and sailing life sounded … but in reality I need to be on firm ground!

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