(Wordless) gratitude

When I started this blog,
I hadn’t envisioned it being so filled with photos.
I’m a writer, not a photographer.
I just wanted my blog to be a space to convey
my joy and gratitude for the beautiful things in this world.
But working with word-limits,
I found that photographs quickly become essential.

Aldinga Beach 28 July 2015 4.40 pm
Aldinga Beach
28 July 2015
4.40 pm

Sometimes an image is all we need.

This post is an introduction to an occasional series of posts tagged ‘wordless’, where I won’t write anything to accompany my chosen photograph. Thanks to my fellow blogger, Eliza Waters, for giving me this idea.
Sometimes an image really is all we need.

6 thoughts on “(Wordless) gratitude

    1. Hi Eliza, I found your latest comments in my Spam folder, just as you said might happen. Thank you for your comments. You are always so warm and encouraging.

      1. Thanks for letting me know. Did you previously mark my comments NOT SPAM and APPROVE? I’m just curious if that works to keep them out of spam folders permanently or if I have to hound WP to fix the problem!

      2. I used to just mark APPROVE. For the ones I found in the SPAM folder recently, I marked NOT SPAM and then APPROVE. But this latest comment of yours hasn’t been sent to SPAM, so fingers crossed …

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