Up and down and all around

Mostly when you think about the forest or the bush or the scrub,
you think of plants and trees
growing upwards towards the light.
But in the scrub near our house south of Adelaide,
trees grow in all directions.
Branches reach up and then turn back down:
They stretch out horizontally —
— parallel with the ground:
They cross the path,
barring your way:
They bend and snake around wildly:
And still —
still, they grow.

4 thoughts on “Up and down and all around

    1. We don’t have that many storms, but it is a fairly windy place. All I can think is that the wind affects the way the trees grow. (By the way this message of yours didn’t go to spam!)

      1. Glad to hear that my comment got through. I’m glad we have a way to fix the problem ourselves, because I’ve had no response from Akismet. There may be light at the end of the tunnel!

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