Lately I’ve been reading about … burnout

We’ve never recognized social media and smartphones as more toxic and more necessary.

From ‘How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation
by Anne Helen Petersen

What is the difference between burnout and exhaustion? Anne Helen Petersen posits that while women from previous generations knew what it was like to experience physical exhaustion, burnout is a symptom that is both unique to the Millennial generation and uniquely destructive. I don’t entirely agree with her, but I found her article fascinating. As a bona fide Generation X-er, and as someone who uses as little tech as possible, I nevertheless recognised in myself exactly some of the symptoms she describes. Perhaps burnout is a symptom of our lifestyle today, rather than of our generation?

Read the whole article here.

7 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. Super long article that I didn’t finish, which is funny, because ironically, I didn’t want to spend the time, lol. 🙂 I think tech is more to blame for the need to be constantly ‘on’ – it is a catch-22. You need to be connected 24/7, but it is killing us. Only a few are willing to risk being left at the curb by shutting off their phone. It isn’t just affecting Millennials, its everyone. Our brains simply can’t handle it! (Even my physician questions what these screens are doing to our brains.)

    1. Hi Eliza, it was a long article, wasn’t it? I had to force myself to read all the way through, but was glad when I did — and I think I persevered in part because the topic itself made me think that I needed to keep my attention span from getting shorter and shorter, as I know that it is, in today’s busy-busy world!
      I absolutely agree that the effects (side-effects?) of tech don’t just strike Millennials, and that’s why I posted a link to the article. We are all in the same boat, I think — at least, here in the First World. This is not a generational matter; it is an aspect of the way we live today, and we can’t change it unless we force ourselves to be aware about it and to question it.

  2. If people just said they were ‘physically exhausted’ instead of ‘burned out’, they might more often be goaded (shamed?) into doing things they didn’t get done because either they weren’t efficiently organised, or they couldn’t be bothered. Why be dramatic about something mundane? But if such complainersare the only losers themselves, it’s their problem…I’m too exhausted to worry!

    1. I had a feeling this essay would trigger a comment from you, Jill! 🙂 I take your point, absolutely, but I do think that if you read between the lines of this essay, there are some valuable thoughts and insights into the way we live today. x

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