Rebecca and the sea

Other people’s words about … the sea You could hear the sea from here. You might imagine, in the winter, it would creep up on to those green lawns and threaten the house itself, for even now, because of the high wind, there was a mist upon the window-glass, as though someone had breathed upon … Continue reading Rebecca and the sea

What lies beneath

Other people’s words about the sea Sometimes the whole sea looks like a mirror of beaten silver, though it’s too turbulent to hold many reflections; it’s the bay that carries a reflected sky on its surface. On the most beautiful days, there are no words for the colours of San Francisco Bay and the sky … Continue reading What lies beneath


Other people’s words about … words Sometimes at the birth and death of a day, the opal sky is no colour we have words for, the gold shading into blue without the intervening green that is halfway between those colours, the fiery warm colours that are not apricot or crimson or gold, the light morphing … Continue reading Cage

About me

I am an editor and writer based in South Australia, where I live within walking distance of the sea. As a writer, I have had two award-winning novels for young adults published. Leaving Jetty Road was published by HarperCollins Australia in 2004, and by Knopf in the USA in 2005. It’s currently available as an … Continue reading About me

What it means to be free

Lately I’ve been reading about … how to write Last year, I stopped writing. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I had stopped writing forever, or if it was just for a while. In my heart, I was convinced it was forever. I felt sad, but also strangely certain. I felt, very strongly, that … Continue reading What it means to be free

No time like now

Other people’s words about … cages At not yet thirty, she can feel her life shrinking into the gentle sameness of her days and she knows she is pacing back and forth in a comfortable cage of her own construction. She needs someone to bump against, to disrupt things. she can’t go on like this, … Continue reading No time like now

Snatched phrases: happy/sad

‘In small doses melancholy, alienation, and introspection are among life’s most refined pleasures.’ From ‘Wanderlust’ by Rebecca Solnit  

The end of the story

Other people’s words about … writing April has never really known loneliness until now; she has had all tastes of its dregs, like cold milky coffee curdled at the bottom of the cup, but she has always had faith in the fact that it would pass. Now, she is not so sure. And this loneliness … Continue reading The end of the story

Snatched phrases: last pages

‘I will love a book forever if the final pages mark my subconscious.’ From ‘The Museum of Words’ by Georgia Blain My mother and sister and I (all inveterate readers) were talking the other day about those devastatingly disappointing books you read all the way through, from start to finish, without skipping a paragraph, because … Continue reading Snatched phrases: last pages

Snatched phrases on … (Christmas and) the sea

‘The sea is flat silver under a lapis sky.’ From ‘I am, I am, I am’ by Maggie O’Farrell Christmas in my neck of the woods is all about summer, so what better way to celebrate it than by the sea? That’s how I’ll be spending my Christmas season, anyway — how about you? Meanwhile, … Continue reading Snatched phrases on … (Christmas and) the sea