Everyday cake

Other people’s words about … cake The other day, in a dark moment, I was trying to compile a list of things that make me feel better when I’m feeling bad. (I write these lists often. You can draw your own conclusions about what this says about me!) One of the things that’s always on … Continue reading Everyday cake

The tea shop of heaven

Other people’s words about … coffee shops Gerry sat down in an empty seat by the window and Stella went to the counter. Coffee places were so noisy. This one sounded like they were making the ‘Titanic’ rather than cups of coffee — the grinder going at maximum volume, screaming on and on — making … Continue reading The tea shop of heaven

When you can’t eat anything

Other people’s words about … IBS* We’ve all been there. There are some days when it seems like everything you eat triggers an IBS attack. This is not your imagination; when your IBS is raging, your gastrocolic reflex can be so sensitive that simply drinking water can trigger dysfunctional colon contractions and IBS symptoms. When … Continue reading When you can’t eat anything

About the words

‘The words fell in strange and awkward shapes; they fell on me and into me, and I was surprised how soothing they were.’ From ‘What the Light Hides’, by Mette Jakobsen Though this blog has had other guises in the past, it is currently about reading and writing. It’s about my love for words, particularly … Continue reading About the words

Creating ephemera

Other people’s words about … cooking I’ve decided I need to make things with my hands, it’s my new thing. Everything else is just so intangible and bullshit. I know that really when you get down to it, cooking produces ephemera just like all the other crap we all do … but at least for … Continue reading Creating ephemera

Why I bake

So many of us like to believe that if we eat right, exercise frequently, practise moderation and stay positive, we will be healthy — physically and mentally. But I think it’s more honest to admit, in all humility, that we can only do so much. The rest is — well, serendipity. Here’s what one of … Continue reading Why I bake