The chef gets healthy

Other people’s words about … life Cookbooks are all about food and cooking, right? But here’s what I found in a cookbook I borrowed from the library recently: I generally don’t get into the whole ‘life quote’ thing; I pop them in a basket with mason jars and hip-hop yoga. But there’s a snowboarder I … Continue reading The chef gets healthy

About the words

‘The words fell in strange and awkward shapes; they fell on me and into me, and I was surprised how soothing they were.’ From ‘What the Light Hides’, by Mette Jakobsen Though this blog has had other guises in the past, it is currently about reading and writing. It’s about my love for words, particularly … Continue reading About the words

How to live well

Other people’s words about … health and wellbeing My Top 10 Tips for Health and Wellbeing Listen to your body Keep moving Get plenty of sleep Read the small print Eat out less; cook at home more Reconnect with nature Reduce your stress Appreciate the simple things Share the love Be grateful from ‘Feel Good … Continue reading How to live well