Pretty in yellow

Remember the Antiopdean daffodils?
Otherwise known as variable groundsel flowers,
they’re just beginning to flower on the dunes near our house north of Adelaide —
much earlier than last year.
They are so cheerful and bright,
I couldn’t resist bringing a couple of stray blooms home.
I hope they bring the same sense of joy to your day
as they did to mine.

For the next three weeks, due to an unexpectedly busy schedule (it’s called a three-week, full-time induction into a new job!), I’ll be posting just once a week, on Mondays.
From 24 August, though, I’ll be back to my normal twice-weekly posts on Mondays and Thursdays. And loving it …

Hope …

Recently, I found two feathers on the beach.
I recognised them instantly
as belonging to New Holland honeyeaters,
small birds that are common to Adelaide gardens (though not to the beach!).

New Holland honeyeaters are slender, slightly scruffy little birds —
and my heart always lightens when they’re around.
They make a high, noisy, busy, endless, peeping racket
that fills me with hope.
I don’t know how the feathers ended up on the sand.
But it seemed to me symbolic.

Hope is the thing with feathers, right?