Waxing lyrical about the River Torrens

More home notes*

Adelaide isn’t (quite) a coastal city.
Its centre is about fifteen kilometres away from the beach.
It was built on the banks of the River Torrens,
a river now not known for its cleanliness or beauty.


But any child who grew up in Adelaide has fond memories
of taking a trip on the Popeye,
and of feeding crusts of bread to the ducks,
and of going paddling with their parents on the paddleboats.


And on a dull grey autumn day, it seems to me —
all local sniggers and cringing aside —
that the river has its moments of beauty.


You think?

Every now and then, I like to post about the wonder of looking at my own home-town through a stranger’s eyes. Exploring home can be as exotic and joyful an experience as travelling abroad … if you let it.