Sunday soundtrack


Frogs croaking.

Aldinga 10 June 2014 013

Kookaburras laughing.

Aldinga 10 June 2014 025

Wattlebirds chuckling.

Aldinga 10 June 2014 022

Cormorants calling.

Aldinga 10 June 2014 031

That’s what I heard as I walked in the wetlands last Sunday.


My kind of pine tree

I love drooping sheoaks.

They’re like Australia’s native pines. Sometimes they turn golden:

And sometimes, after the rain, they shine.

Here’s a link if you want to know more about drooping sheoaks:


A walk in the park

— The park at the end of our road —

It’s just a simple suburban park —
but beauty is everywhere, once you look for it.

The trees pictured are athel pines. Sometimes beauty is deceptive: I recently discovered that these trees, sadly, are not native to Australia and are considered invasive weeds. For more information, see: