Rebecca and the sea

Other people’s words about … the sea

You could hear the sea from here. You might imagine, in the winter, it would creep up on to those green lawns and threaten the house itself, for even now, because of the high wind, there was a mist upon the window-glass, as though someone had breathed upon it. A mist salt-laden, borne upwards from the sea. A hurrying cloud hid the sun for a moment as I watched, and the sea changed colour instantly, becoming black, and the white crests with them very pitiless suddenly, and cruel, not the gay sparkling sea I had looked on first.

from Rebecca
by Daphne du Maurier

The sea in Rebecca is a hidden menace — sometimes beautiful, more often ominous.
I think it’s a wonderful book.

5 thoughts on “Rebecca and the sea

  1. I agree. I think the sea brings out the best in all writers. Maybe it’s something we all have a strong, emotional response to?

    1. I think so, too. There’s something about that empty horizon at the ‘end’ of the sea’s reach, I think, that reminds us all of our roots and of the planet we’re on .. perhaps?

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