A letter to you

Dear reader,
I’m taking a little break for a few weeks.
I love blogging and the blogosphere, but right now I need time to think and to refresh myself. And to breathe!
So I’ll pop in again after Christmas, and let you know what’s happening.
In the meantime, rest assured I’ll be drinking tea, and following paths, and going for bush walksand always, always delighting in the small things — those things I like to blog about: the small, sweet moments of joy.
— Rebecca xo

Crazy teapot lady
Crazy teapot lady

5 thoughts on “A letter to you

    1. Thanks Eliza. I’m not going away or really holidaying … I just need to refresh myself and rethink some things to keep my blog fresh, I think. I’ll keep reading your blog in the meantime 🙂

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