On one of my favourite bike rides,
I pass an empty field outside a GP clinic.
Most of the year, it’s just a bare field with long, uncut grass.
But in spring, it changes.



Such deceptive beauty!
These flowers, heralding from South Africa,
are considered weeds here.
They’ve spread far and wide, pushing out our own native flowers.


It’s hard not to admire them, though —
their abandoned spread;
their cheerful, bright colours …



… and their faces uplifted to the sun.

7 thoughts on “Deception

  1. Gazanias! We grow these as annuals in the summer, they are not hardy so no worries of invasiveness. It is interesting to me to see that invasive species are a problem the world over. We are probably losing tons of diversity and will eventually end up with a homogenous flora limited to a handful of plants. Such is the hand of humans.
    But it hard not to admire the beauty of that field. Go ahead. Embrace it! 🙂

    1. It’s interesting to me, too, that while you say gazanias are not hardy in your area, they are extremely hardy over here.
      And yes, I think embracing their beauty is the only way to go, in the end … ! Anything else is a losing battle.

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