Late spring

In late October, I went for another bushwalk.
In blossom were fan flowers:
and those papery, daisy-like flowers, the common everlastings:
I encountered other inhabitants of the area, too —
many of them.
It was mid-morning — grazing time, I think, before the sun gets too hot.
I don’t like disturbing roos:
when threatened, they can be aggressive, especially if they are guarding joeys.
And besides, I’m aware that I’m on their territory, not vice versa.
So I stepped away and left them happily to it …
… Do you think it’s comfortable in that pouch?
It doesn’t look it to me!

3 thoughts on “Late spring

  1. So nice to see kangaroos like this in nature! As for being a joey in a pouch, I think it would be pretty cool. Don’t have to worry about traffic or being cold!

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