Stop and smell the roses

Native plants and vegetation are my passion.
(We all know that.)
So you won’t be surprised when I say I haven’t always been the hugest fan of roses.
They’re not native to Australia.
Sometimes they seem overblown to me, and showy — blowsy, even.
But once a year, the rose bushes outside a library I visit frequently put on quite a show.
Somehow, these roses please even my curmudgeonly spirit.
They are, simply, quite lovely.

They bring joy, not just into my day …

but into my very soul.


I think I’m slowly joining the rose-lover’s world …

8 thoughts on “Stop and smell the roses

    1. Why is that best? Roses are not difficult to cultivate–if you have the right soil. Even I have never killed any! Are they environmentally unsound and best left to public gardens, do you think?

      1. I think what Eliza means is that it’s always nice to enjoy someone else’s gardening efforts without having to do the work yourself. That’s easy gardening, right?!
        Personally, I do think that roses are environmentally unsound here in Australia, because they crowd out our own (sometimes more delicate) flowering plants.
        I’m not sure what the thinking is over in North America, Eliza?

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