If you are ever in need of an answer or feel a little lost in this great big world, go out there and hit the trails. Leave the Garmin at home and just get out there and be. Connect with nature. Listen to the whispers of breeze in the trees or the ramblings of the nearby stream. Eventually, you will find what you are looking for and perhaps, in time, you will find yourself as well.


The words I’ve quoted above come from the blog So what? I run.
(Read the whole post here.)
For me, they apply whether I’m walking or running.

Because of my knee injury, it’s all about walking for me right now.
And I’m okay with that.

It’s all about the connection with the world around me:
it’s vital.
It’s healing.

And in the spirit of the quote above,
I’m posting today some photos from one of my favourite walks.

You don’t need phones or apps or pedometers or fitbits.
You just need time to look,
to listen,
to breathe.

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