The one-legged seagull

Questions, questions, questions

Sunset at Taperoo 17 January 2016 7.15 pm

If you’ve seen a one-legged seagull, you’ll know what I mean.
Why are there so many of them?
Do they lose their legs during epic battles for territory?
Why don’t their predators attack other parts of their bodies? (Do seagulls have predators?)
And then, too:
How do one-legged seagulls survive?
Do they grow replacement legs, like reptiles grow new tails?
Or does the remaining leg grow stronger over time?
So many questions.
I could google for answers, I suppose,
but I’m enjoying the mystery …

One thought on “The one-legged seagull

  1. Another US blogger just the other day posted a one-legged gull that they said made a perfect landing despite its handicap. Serendipity. I often wonder how they lost the leg, too. I envision a sharp-toothed fish reaching up to grab them while they raft on the water!

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