Daylight robbery

On Saturday afternoon, I went for a quick stroll on the beach,
shoring the sights up in my memory — and the warmth on my skin — of the last hours of Daylight Saving.


It was a typical mid-Autumn day.


The sand was wind- and water-rippled.
The gulls’ footprints seemed to blow away as I watched.


Soon, when I walk on the beach, I’ll wear shoes, socks, a coat, a beanie.
I’ll call the wind ‘bracing’.
I’ll think of this last long day of light with yearning.
Summer nostalgia — is there a cure?
There should be!

Okay, a confession: autumn makes me crotchety. I’ll get over it soon, I swear!

6 thoughts on “Daylight robbery

  1. I totally sympathize. I go kicking and screaming into autumn as well. Then I adjust. It’s hard letting go of the warm, long days. Does it drive you crazy when all of us northerners crow about the coming of spring? It surprises me that I actually vicariously enjoy it when my friends ‘down under’ speak of their spring and summer days as I am in the throws of fall and winter. It gives me comfort to know that there is continuity in the seasons. My time will come round again.

    1. You’re right, Eliza. I like living out the summer of my northern friends vicariously. I’ll live out any kind of summer any kind of way I can! 🙂

  2. Is there a cure? Next year. Meantime, I love this time of year and the thought of rugging up. Got my beanie out already!

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