A breakfast of clouds and chocolate

Other people’s words about … what works

Chocolate at breakfast has always seemed wrong to me somehow. It seemed too decadent and lusty, entirely out of place, like watching a sex scene on television when your parents are in the room. But I have now spent eight mornings eating chocolate granola for breakfast, and I have concluded –- with all due gratitude to [my husband] Brandon, my personal granola pusher –- that chocolate is, once and for all, perfectly acceptable at any time of day. I had been a doubter for so many years, but now, good lord, I get it. And I think this revelation might, quite possibly, be the cosmic purpose of our marriage.

From ‘All We Ever Really Want to Do
by Molly Wizenberg of Orangette blog

I came to Molly Wizenberg’s blog only recently, many years behind most people. There are so many cooking blogs out there in the internet-world now, and so many of them are so beautiful, that it is easy to feel overwhelmed, or bored, or cynical. Moreover, the idea of using a recipe to introduce a post that discusses a theme entirely unrelated to food — in other words, to discuss life — has become such a common approach amongst food bloggers that it seems to me to be verging on the clichéd. But Molly was one of the early bloggers to take this approach, and she writes well, which makes all the difference. I will be reading her blog again, I’m sure.

As for chocolate at breakfast — well, why not? A therapist I used to see once said to me, as I agonised over how to live my life better (or rather, how not to live it so very, very badly): Life is short. Do what works. Though I’ve left much of his counsel far behind, I think about these particular words of his from time to time. Life is short, indeed. If chocolate works, then eat it. Please.

(Alternatively, you could try cake. Cake never fails for me.)

Meanwhile, today is my first day of two weeks’ annual leave. I currently have two part-time jobs, so time away from both of them simultaneously can be hard to pull off. The next fortnight feels incredibly precious to me.

For some of that time, I plan to go to Yorke Peninsula again. Autumn is in full swing now: my holiday there will be different from my last trip to Yorkes, back in February. There will be clouds; there will be rain; there will be wind. It will be too cold to swim, so I’ll walk miles down the beach and along the clifftops. I’ll sleep late into the morning and go to bed early at night. And I will read.

I’ll read.

I’ll read.

Afterwards, I’ll come home grateful for heaters and hot showers, and ready — already — for the next trip, whenever that happens to be.

I don’t know if, like Molly, I’ll be eating chocolate for breakfast while I’m away. It doesn’t matter. Life is short, and these are the things that work for me. That’s why I do them.

All in all, it’s not such a bad way to live.

5 thoughts on “A breakfast of clouds and chocolate

  1. Your post reminds me of the Ernestine Ulmer (1892-1987) quote, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Sometimes I put chocolate in coffee (both things I rarely have) and that feels like quite a treat to me. 😉
    Enjoy your 3R-holiday – read, rest, relax! And yes, dark chocolate at breakfast is what I would do.

    1. Chocolate in coffee! What a fabulous idea! I love the smell of coffee, but can’t drink it (it makes my heart beat so fast and my hands tremble so wildly that it feels like I’m having a panic attack), but my particular vice, saved for special occasions, is drinking my tea with cream instead of milk. I don’t know if you’re a tea drinker, Eliza, but if you are, I can recommend it. The tea has to be very strong and black, and the cream has to be proper cream, not thinned down or thickened up or stabilised with anything … Must remember to pack some in our camping fridge! x

      1. I’d have to go directly to a farm to get real cream. The stuff in the store is all pasteurized. Despite that, I try to avoid dairy as it causes my mucous membranes to swell – a late in life sensitivity I’ve developed. Not life threatening, but it is annoying being all stuffed up! I miss cheese and ice cream, the most. Still, on occasion I will take a bite just for the pleasure of it. 🙂

  2. And don’t forget peanut butter, cheese, bacon, smoked salmon, avocado…
    And this goes for all meals of the day.
    I think all meals should reflect the fact that indeed life is short and that the pleasures of eating, anything anytime, are to be celebrated and enjoyed.
    Have a great holidays Bec!

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