Snatched phrases on … pretty days

‘The grass had been cut and gave off a warm, allergenic smell.
The sky was soft like cloth
and birds ran over it in long threads.’

from ‘Conversations with friends’
by Sally Rooney

The image in today’s post doesn’t quite match the words, I’m afraid:

Still, it’s a pretty image, and perhaps it captures a little of the essence of Rooney’s soft spring day …

2 thoughts on “Snatched phrases on … pretty days

    1. It is challenging, isn’t it? I have worked very hard to teach myself to appreciate the small things, to love my day-to-day life, whatever the season, rain or sunshine, whether I’m at home or at work, because I don’t do so well with moving through the ‘big world’, if that makes any sense. It’s rewarding to learn to notice and love the world around you, even on the difficult days. I must admit, though, it helps that I live by the sea … there’s always something beautiful to observe or to come home to xo

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