Out and about: autumn

‘When you’re walking the view shifts and changes.
Walking’s a form of hope.’

from ‘The World Without Us
by Mireille Juchau


Autumn arrived in the vineyards in mid-May. One weekend in the last week of May or so, I spent some time walking near the Aldinga Scrub, on a track that skirts the wetlands, the Scrub, the vineyards and the farms.

It was one of those autumn days when the sky changes every moment that you look up at it, and with it the light. One moment the sky was blue and the grass shone bright and green; the next, the sun disappeared behind clouds, and the sky darkened, and the grass turned a pale, sombre green.

As I took the photos you see in this post, I became aware of stinging sensations at my ankles and wrists. There had been had rain overnight, and the ground was damp, though the temperature was mild. Mosquitoes were everywhere, biting, biting. I kept stopping to scratch: my ankles, my wrists, my hands. Still, it was peaceful and green.

Can you see the willy wagtail perched on the wire fencing in the photograph above? It darted about as I wandered the track, zigzagging and dipping and feinting, the way willy wagtails do. There were fairy wrens on the path, too, but I didn’t manage to capture them.

Next time, maybe … ?

5 thoughts on “Out and about: autumn

  1. Looks like a nice place to meander. The days are so nice and long now as we approach the solstice and the weather has been perfect. Being on opposite seasons, I’m reminded of the flip side, assuring my current appreciation. How long are your days now?

      1. I need at least a 10-hour day, but of course, we go 3 months below that and it pretty near kills me! 😉 My wild fantasy is to go somewhere warm and sunny for those 3 months, or maybe longer! However, our summers are really beautiful and not too hot or humid, so I can’t complain too much.

      2. I feel the same, Eliza. And our summers more than make up for our grey, blustery winters. I guess the contrast makes you appreciate them more, right? 😉

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