The sea, breathing

Other people’s words about … the sea at night

I take many photos of the sea during daylight hours, but my photography skills aren’t good enough to capture the sea at night. Some nights, though, when the wind is westerly, blowing from the ocean onto the land, I can hear the waves, through the open windows of my house, as they roll into the beach and fall back, roll in and fall back.

It’s a dreamy, dreamy sound.

The night garden was thick with dreams. Beneath the earth, beneath the eyelids of birds, in the air that came like an exhalation from the sea. Pearl listened. It always felt closer at night, the slump and hiss of waves like an old man dreaming.

From ‘Shell
by Kristina Olsson

The slump and hiss of waves


2 thoughts on “The sea, breathing

  1. I love falling asleep to the sound of waves. I once camped near enough to the sea to hear the surf and once I stayed in a house where high tide would come under the house, which was on stilts. Both are sweet memories. Love this wording: “the slump and hiss of waves like an old man dreaming.”

    1. I’m lucky enough to hear the sound of the waves often, from home, but also when we camp at Yorke Peninsula, we camp right at the top of a cliff overlooking the beach below, and then, my goodness, yes, ‘the slump and hiss of waves’ is so loud, so clear :). Magic.

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