Tip your head back and look up at the sky

Other people’s words about … the sky

Axel … breathed out, trying for calm. He tipped his head back, looked at the sky, wide and empty of trouble. His heart slowed. The moment passed.

From ‘Shell
by Kristina Olsson

Oh, that beautiful sky …

2 thoughts on “Tip your head back and look up at the sky

    1. What a lovely turn of phrase, Eliza — ‘the sky is an anchor’. I love your wording because anchors represent being grounded, attached to the land, and yet the sky represents the opposite, infinity and the heavens, if you know what I mean?
      And yes, I think that as far as anxiety management techniques go, simply stopping to look up at the sky — wherever I am, whether I’m inside a building, in a street, by the beach, in the bush; and whatever the time of day — is honestly the most effective one I know.

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