A year of words

Other people’s words about … other people’s words

I’ve been thinking about reading again recently — what it means to me, what it gives to me, why, even though it’s a solitary activity, it makes me feel connected to the world. I like Sarah Clarkson’s use of the word journey, in the passage below, to describe the act of reading. Reading, like life, is a journey. You never know where it might take you.

Reading, rather, is a journey. Reading is the road you walk to discover yourself and your world, to see with renewed vision as you encounter the vision of another … Reading is a way to live.

From ‘Book Girl
by Sarah Clarkson

Reading is a journey

PS It’s good to be back in the blogging world. I’m changing the format of my posts slightly this year, but it’s still all about celebrating other people’s words. So … here’s to another year! xo

2 thoughts on “A year of words

  1. Yay, glad you are back!
    Reading – I spend most of my day doing it and my life would be so empty without it. It is a privilege, really. I often think about my elderly grandmother looking her eyesight, so I cherish mine. And I remember when my kids were little, I would dream and wish for just a half hour to put my feet up and read…it rarely happened. These days, I feel fortunate that I get so much time to do so– a gift!

    1. I agree, Eliza — reading is such a gift.
      And the more busy and frenetic life becomes in the first world, with social media, TV, all the rest of it, the more precious I think reading becomes. It’s an activity that still requires all of our focus, that engages our brains and our minds and our imagination, and it’s both stimulating and relaxing as well. What more could we ask of something? 🙂

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